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Every Wednesday we choose 10 random users giving them the chance to win fabulous prizes. Today's prize is a XXL Squishmallow! There will be 10 lucky winners. Only for those living in the United States!

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Question 4 of 4: Have you bought anything at Costco before?


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Emily Johnson

Oh, I didn't win anything. That's disappointing.

I like it · Comment 29 · 4 minutes ago

Benjamin Thompson

I really like these promotions. They're quite enjoyable!

I like it · Comment 9 · 11 minutes ago

Olivia Adams

I received my XXL Squishmallow today.

I like it · Comment 22 · 15 minutes ago

Daniel Murphy

At first, I thought it was a joke, but to my surprise, my XXL Squishmallow arrived this morning!

I like it · Comment 36 · 38 minutes ago

Sophia Carter

I just won the XXL Squishmallow, and got it delivered in just 5 days. Thank you so much, Costco!

I like it · Comment 31 · 42 minutes ago

Ava Miller

Is there any chance of receiving my XXL Squishmallow today?

I like it · Comment 6 · 1 hour ago

Harper Mitchell

Who do you think has won the XXL Squishmallow? This girl! This morning my box arrived via DHL. Now, I'm excited to participate in more surveys!

I like it · Comment 15 · 2 hours ago

William Davis

Are there any other surveys I can take part in?

I like it · Comment 39 · 2 hours ago

Ethan Brooks

Fantastic! This is my first time winning anything!

I like it · Comment 23 · 3 hours ago

Mia Roberts

I did it! This morning I received my XXL Squishmallow. I shared the news with my friends so they can get theirs too.

I like it · Comment 30 · 4 hours ago